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Developer / Builders / Investors

With the A-1 established new construction positive track record contact A-1 Title Services . Whether it’s new construction or a remodel, we have the tools to keep your sales on schedule.

One-stop closing services to builders and real estate developers in the South Florida market

We offer a unique suite of flexible tools and software. They make it easy for builders to monitor project details as closing dates approach.

Through its escrow services, A-1 Tile Services maintains escrow and reservation deposit accounts for the builder/developer and provides timely reporting that allows individual projects to be monitored and tracked. Our team staff is intimately familiar with transactions involving real property, condominiums, conversions and HOAs. A-1 Tile Services will coordinate and conduct the closing of each individual unit in a manner that instills confidence in its clients.

A-1 Services For Developer, Builders & Investors

  • Accept and receipt earnest money as required by the Contract of Sale
  • Review Contract of Sale for critical dates and special provisions to assist the parties in completion of time sensitive requirements
  • Provide title commitment to seller, purchaser, respective agents and attorneys
  • Review title commitment for curative matters
  • Work with seller, seller’s agent and/or attorney to resolve curative issues
  • Order tax certificates for both real and personal property
  • Order payoffs for existing liens
  • Secure proper documentation to verify legal status and authority of business entities involved in the transaction
  • Coordinate and review all documentation through Seller’s and/or Buyer’s agents and/or attorneys
  • Upon receipt of loan instructions, prepare settlement statement in accordance with the terms and provisions of the Contract of Sale and additional instructions as provided by the parties
  • Coordinate closing time and place with all parties to the transaction
  • Obtain approval of settlement statement from all parties to the transaction
  • Close the transaction
  • Review all documents for proper signatures and notarization
  • Disburse all funds in accordance with the settlement statement and instructions of the parties
  • Transmit loan documents to the Lender
  • Record the closing documents with the appropriate county and/or state authorities
  • Issue the Owner and Mortgagee policies of Title Insurance and necessary endorsements
  • Resolve any post closing issues

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